Pay What You Want: The Android Expert's Coding Bundle

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Pay What You Want: The Android Expert's Coding Bundle

5 Courses

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Learn to Reskin Android Apps for Fun & Profit
$37.00 ValueLearn to Reskin Android Apps for Fun & Profit
Build Android Apps with the Marshmallow Studio Course
$79.00 ValueBuild Android Apps with the Marshmallow Studio Course
Java Essentials for Android
$89.00 ValueJava Essentials for Android
Java Programming for Beginners
$99.00 ValueJava Programming for Beginners
Master Marshmallow App Development Using Java
$199.00 ValueMaster Marshmallow App Development Using Java

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Product Details

Master Marshmallow App Development Using Java
  • Experience level required: All levels
  • Access 313 lectures & 51 hours of content 24/7
  • Length of time users can access this course: Lifetime

Course Curriculum

313 Lessons (51h)

  • Introduction and Course Information
    What is covered in this course
    Who am I and Why Listen To Me?
    Whats New In Android Marshmallow
    Frequently Asked Questions
  • Downloading and Installing the Necessary Tools
    Downloading & Installing the Java Development Kit (JDK) (Windows)
    Install Android Studio on Windows
    Config Android Marshmallow SDK (Windows)
    Downloading & Installing the Java Development Kit (JDK) (Mac)
    Install Android Studio on a Mac
    Configure Android Marshmallow SDK (Mac)
    Downloading & Installing the Java Development Kit (JDK) (Linux)
    Install Android Studio on Linux
    Configure Android Marshmallow SDK (Linux)
  • Hello World Android app
    Hello World App
    Android 1.4 Changes
    Hello World Android Virtual Device
    Hello World - Run on an AVD
    Hello World - Run on a Physical Android Device
  • The Button Counter app
    Button Click App - Setup
    Button Click App - Add Button
    Button Click App - Custom Message
    Button Click App - Wrap up
  • The Calculator app
    Calculator App - Setup
    Calculator App - Interface
    Calculator App - Button Functionality
    Calculator App - Data Validation and Wrap-up
  • The Top 10 Downloader App
    Top 10 Download App - Setup
    Top 10 Download App - XML Download
    Top 10 Download App - Basic Screen
    Top 10 Download App - Parse XML
    Top 10 Download App - Parse XML (Continued)
    Top 10 Download app - Finish XML & Display
    Top 10 Download App - Finish and Wrap-up
  • The Youtube App
    Youtube App - Setup
    Youtube App - Youtube Activity
    Youtube App - Google API
    Youtube App - Standalone Activity
    Youtube App - Standalone & Play list
    Youtube App - Wrap up
  • Java Tutorials
    Java Tutorial 125:52
    Java Tutorial 224:36
    Java Tutorial 322:24
    Java Tutorial 421:17
    Java Tutorial 5 - Inheritance (Part 1)15:49
    Java Tutorial 6 - Inheritance (Part 2)11:42
    Java Tutorial 7 - The While Loop15:51
    Java Tutorial 8 - The For Loop (also includes For..Each)8:41
    Java Tutorial 9 - The Do While Loop4:28
    Walkthrough of an Android App15:48
    XML Overview12:14
    Exploring the App Manifest file11:04
  • Flickr Browser App
    Android Marshmallow Changes ** IMPORTANT PLEASE READ**
    Flickr Api, Feeds, Introduction to Json and More22:24
    Finish off the GetRawData class18:38
    Json Parsing of the Flickr Data19:58
    Finishing off the Json Parsing21:03
    Material Design Overview13:04
    Supporting Older Android Versions7:51
    Creating The Basic GUI14:17
    Continue Creating The Basic GUI14:18
    Finish Off The GUI Interface20:26
    Creating The App’s Theme18:03
    Setting Up The Toolbar and Styles11:03
    Let’s Create The BaseActivity Class12:02
    Create The Layout XML For The SearchActivity Class14:08
    Continue Working On The SearchActivity Class11:08
    Implement The Search Functionality With MainActivity15:36
    Enhance The Adapter Code9:29
    Create the RecyclerItemClickListener Class13:03
    Implement the ViewPhotoDetailsActivity class11:59
    Setup The Layout XML For The ViewPhotoDetailsActivity Class13:29
    Final Wrap Up And Bug Fixes16:47
    Flickr App - Marshmallow issues
  • Layouts
    Section Intro0:40
    The LinearLayout - Video 118:00
    The LinearLayout - Video 23:51
    The FrameLayout6:17
    The RelativeLayout16:59
    The TableLayout11:21
  • Databases
    Databases Introduction5:48
    Understanding Database Terminology4:54
    Android Specific Database Information7:13
    Sqlite Data types4:36
    SQLite SQL Commands9:28
    Windows Users - Setup Android SDK For The Command Line3:58
    Mac Users - Setup Android SDK For The Command Line4:26
    Linux Users - Setup Android SDK For The Command Line3:45
    Overview Of The Android File System3:41
    SQLite - Basic Database SQL Using The Command Line11:29
    Our First Sqlite Android App - Part 116:06
    Our First Sqlite Android App - Part 211:11
    Managing Cursors, Content Providers and Cursor Loaders7:53
    Accessing Contacts via a Content Resolver
    Access Contact Records Part 2
    A Look at Content Providers In More Detail7:40
    Friends App - Basic Setup and Database code5:49
    Friends App - Write The Contracts Class12:04
    Friends App - Finishing Off The Database Class13:54
    Friends App - Setup of the Content Provider Class8:57
    Friends App - Create The Insert and Query Methods For Our Content Provider10:18
    Friends App - Create the Update And Delete Methods For Our Content Provider10:48
    Friends App - Android Manifest File3:54
    Fix to FriendsProvider, Changes to FriendsContract, and create new Friend Class4:38
    Create FriendsListLoader class Part 1
    Finish off creating our FriendsListLoader Class6:27
    Introducing Fragments by creating our FriendsListFragment Class13:37
    Time to create the FriendsCustomAdaptor - Part 1 - The Layout12:14
    FriendsCustomAdapter Part 2 - Creating the Class Itself18:00
    The FriendsDialog class12:25
    Work on the MainActivity class13:38
    The AddActivity class - Lets start with the Layout XML file3:45
    Finish off AddActivity by implementing the class itself17:47
    Create the EditActivity class11:39
    Setup the Layout XML for the SearchActivity funcitonality4:36
    Create and Implement the SearchActivity & FriendsSearchListLoader Classes14:18
    Final Tidy Up Of The Friends App and Fix The Errors That Cropped Up20:39
  • The Personal Notes App
    Android 1.4 / Android Marshmallow Notes
    Personal Notes App overview
    Personal Notes App Housekeeping
    Setup our new Personal Notes app in Android Studio
    Start work on the Drawer setup code
    Continuing on with Drawer Setup and XML Layouts
    Create the Navigation Drawer Adapter Class and Start on the Base Activity Class
    Finish off the Base Activity Class
    Add Main Layout and Create Classes To Store Notes and Reminders
    Create The Notes Adapter Class and Associated Layout File
    Create the Archive and Trash Adapters and the Shared Layout
    Content Provider Part 1
    Personal Notes Content Provider Class
    Finish off the Personal Notes Content Provider Class
    Minor Tweaks to the class
    Create the Notes Loader Class (AsyncTaskLoader) - Part 1
    Finish off the Notes Loader class
    Create Archives Loader Class
    Create TrashLoader class
    Create Google Drive Utility classes
    Add RecyclerItemClickListener and ErrorDialog Fragment Classes
    Start work on the NoteCustomList class
    Finish off the NoteCustomList class
    Start on the NotesActivity Class
    NotesActivity Class Part 2
    Notes Activity Class Part 3
    Notes Activity Class Part 4
    Notes Activity Class Part 5
    Notes Activity Class Part 6
    Archive Activity Class
    Trash Activity Class
    HelpFeedActivity class and two layouts
    AppAuthenticationActivity class
    Dropbox Adapter
    Dropbox Directory Listener Async
    DropboxDirectoryCreatorAsync and DropboxActions
    Dropbox Picker Layout
    Dropbox Picker Activity Part 1
    Dropbox Picker Activity Part 2
    Dropbox Image Upload Async
    Google Drive Base Activity
    Google Drive Selection Activity
    Google Drive Directory Name Getter
    Alarm Receiver
    Notes Detail Activity Layout
    Note Detail Activity Part 1
    Note Detail Activity Part 2
    Note Detail Activity Part 3
    Note Detail Activity Part 4
    Note Detail Activity Part 5
    Note Detail Activity Part 6
    Note Detail Activity Part 7
    Note Detail Activity Part 8
    Note Detail Activity Part 9
    Note Detail Activity Part 10
    Note Detail Activity Part 11
    Note Detail Activity Part 12
    Bug Fixes
    Final Wrap up
  • Create a Game!
    Introduction to the game
    Project Setup, Constants and Animation XML files
    Add Images To Project and Create Main Menu Layout
    MainMenu game code and initClassic method​
    Initialise noWalls mode and Bomb Mode
    Fix naming in code
    Initialise Settings
    Classic Snake Mode
    Classic Snake Mode Part 2
    Classic Snake Mode Part 3
    Classic Snake Part 4
    Classic Snake Update Method
    Finish off Update Method
    Swipe Gesture Director
    On Window Focus Changed
    Start on Classic Score Activity
    Classic Score Part 2
    Classic Score Part 3
    Classic Mode Game Test
    No Walls Activity
    No Walls Score and Mode Test
    Bomb Mode
    Bomb Score and Settings
    Settings Continued
    Complete Settings Activity
    Bug Fixes
    Add Constants To Clean Up Code
    Configure Ads and Final Cleanup
  • Currency App
    Overview of App
    Initial Setup
    Log and Web Utility Classes
    Currency Object
    Setup Receiver and Service
    Finish Service and Edit MainActivity
    Finish Milestone 1 and Test
    Database Setup
    Finish and Test Milestone 2
    Alarm and Notifications Util Classes
    Complete NotificationUtils
    Add SharedPreferencesUtils class
    Finish off and test Milestone 3
    Start Milestone 4 - Main Interface
    Add Selectors And Item XML
    Integrate UI
    Finish UI
    Bug Fixes and Test Milestone 4
    Add Linechart - Start of Milestone 5
    Add Java Code For LineCharts
    Finish off and test Currency App
  • REST Service App
    WebServiceUtils class13:44
    Finish WebServiceUtils class14:57
    Communicating with a Server - A Detailed Look8:02
    Web Service Tasks class11:59
    Login Register Activity class12:32
  • Building and Deploying
    Understanding Keystores4:20
    Understanding APK files1:54
    Building a "Debug" APK File2:52
    Creating a Keystore and building a "Distribution" APK file7:42
  • Extras
    Important Links
    Why call it Lollipop?4:54
    Android Core Concepts5:29
    Windows - Java JDK & ADT Downloads
    Mac - ADT Downloads
    Source Code For All Apps

Master Marshmallow App Development Using Java

Tim Buchalka

Tim Buchalka is an Android app and games developer, and teacher with 30 years of development experience! He spent years as a contract software developer working for government departments, and large prestigious companies like Saab, Mitsubishi, and Fujitsu (to name just a few) in a developer/team lead developer capacity. He is skilled in many development languages including Java, C++, C#, and Objective-C, to name a few. For the past 10 years, he has been self employed, and now focuses exclusively on teaching others how to develop apps for an Android platform. For more details on this course and instructor, click here. This course is hosted by StackSkills, the premier eLearning destination for discovering top-shelf courses on everything from coding—to business—to fitness, and beyond!


Be a part of the next generation of Android by mastering Marshmallow development from the ground up. Whether you're a beginner or a veteran looking to update your skills, this course is designed to help you succeed in working with this newly enhanced technology. Follow step-by-step as you build your own apps, beginning with simple apps like a calculator, a top-10 daily apps display, and even your own Youtube video player. With new content added weekly, this is more than a course, this is a lifetime of learning.
  • Learn the skills needed for a career developing Android apps w/ over 313 lectures & 51 hours of content
  • Follow step-by-step how Android applications are built
  • Learn to code more efficiently by learning the best tools & practices
  • Understand how to program w/ Java
  • Easily navigate Android Studio, the most current & up-to-date tool for Android development
  • Cover Android Lollipop features like Material Design (for fantastic graphics and interfaces) & AppCompat (to ensure your app works with older versions of Android)
  • Take advantage of the all newly enhanced notification functionality
  • Implement background tasks w/ the new job schedule API
  • Implement the new Marshmallow camera functionality


Details & Requirements

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion not included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: all levels


  • Internet required
  • Android device not required; the course covers how to use an Android Virtual device if needed


  • Instant digital redemption
  • This item is excluded from coupons.
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